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Got your India vs Bangladesh World Cup 2023 Tickets? What's next? Explore Pune's vibrant culture, shopping & nightlife in our comprehensive guide. Ready for an unforgettable experience?

India vs Bangladesh world cup tickets

I. Introduction

A. Brief background of the ICC World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) hosts the World Cup, a famaous international cricket cup championship. The best cricketing nations from across the world get together for this significant competition, where one team is finally crowned world champion.

The World Cup tournament, which debuted in 1975, is contested every four years. Up until the 2023 edition, there have been 12 of these events, with Australia taking first place five times.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 - Overview

EventICC World Cup 2023
Organizing BodyInternational Cricket Council
FormatOne Day International
Duration5th October to 19th October 2023
Participating TeamsAfghanistan, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, England, Netherland, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Booking Date10th August 2023
StadiumsNarendra Modi Stadium, M Chinnaswamy Stadium, MA Chidambaram Stadium, and others (list will continue in next table)
Ticket Price Range₹500 to ₹25,000
Booking, PayTM Insider App, BookMyShow App

B. Historical context of cricket in India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh have historically played cricket. India worships cricket. Since its 18th-century origins in India, cricket has grown and produced world-class players. Since Kapil Dev led India to their first World Cup win in 1983, cricket's popularity has grown.

Bangladesh, then British India, invented cricket in the late nineteenth century. Bangladesh, known as the "Tigers," received Test status in 2000.

C. The significance of the India vs Bangladesh match in the 2023 World Cup

The ICC World Cup 2023 match between India and Bangladesh is one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament. History and rivalry between the two South Asian neighbours make for always-exciting competition.

Tickets to this encounter are highly sought after by cricket enthusiasts around the world due to the high stakes and fierce competition. In the following sections, we will examine the nuances of cricket in India and Bangladesh, provide a preview of the World Cup 2023, and cover everything you need to know about procuring tickets for the India vs. Bangladesh match.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 - Stadiums

Stadium NameLocation (City)
Narendra Modi Stadium(To be provided)
M Chinnaswamy Stadium(To be provided)
MA Chidambaram Stadium(To be provided)
Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium(To be provided)
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium(To be provided)
Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium(To be provided)
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium(To be provided)
Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium(To be provided)
Eden GardensKolkata
Wankhede StadiumMumbai

II. Understanding Cricket in India and Bangladesh

A. Detailed overview of cricket's popularity in India

1. India's history in cricket

In 1721, the British introduced cricket to India. The first Indian cricket club was founded in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1792. 1932 was the national team's first Test match.

In 1983, India won the World Cup, proving its cricketing ability. The 2008 Indian Premier League (IPL) has increased cricket's popularity and given new players a chance to shine.

2. Role of cricket in Indian culture

In India, cricket is more than just a game. People from various walks of life come together because of this cultural phenomena. Cricket in India inspires unmatched fervour and enthusiasm, whether it's a local gully game or an international match. The nation's mood is frequently impacted by the performances of the idolised cricket players.

B. Cricket in Bangladesh

1. History and development of cricket in Bangladesh

British rule brought cricket to Bangladesh in the late 19th century. Cricket was largely played by the wealthy until the 1960s, when schools started playing it. Bangladesh Cricket Board was founded in 1972, and its first Test match occurred in 2000. Bangladesh's cricket has developed greatly after the 2015 World Cup quarterfinals qualification.

2. Importance of cricket to Bangladesh's national identity

Cricket has become a national symbol in Bangladesh, uniting its citizens despite their cultural, ethnic, and political differences. Cricket victories have been a source of national honour and happiness.

C. India-Bangladesh cricket rivalry: a brief history

India-Bangladesh cricket rivalry is respectful. England lost their 1988 Asia Cup opener to India. Since then, both teams have had significant matches. Their games have nail-biting finishes, individual brilliance, and cricket passion. Bangladesh's 2007 World Cup win over India is a highlight.

III. World Cup 2023: A Preview

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 - Ticket Price by Stadium

Stadium NameTicket Price Range
Narendra Modi Stadium₹500 to ₹25,000
M Chinnaswamy Stadium₹500 to ₹10,000
MA Chidambaram Stadium₹500 to ₹25,000
Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium₹500 to ₹20,000
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium₹500 to ₹10,000
Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium₹500 to ₹10,000
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium₹500 to ₹20,000
Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium₹500 to ₹25,000
Eden Gardens₹500 to ₹15,000
Wankhede Stadium₹500 to ₹25,000

A. Introduction to World Cup 2023: host country, participating teams, format, etc.

The World Cup 2023 will be held in India between October 5 and November 19 at ten different sites. This year's tournament will be conducted wholly in India for the first time; three prior editions were partially held there (1987, 1996).

Securing Tickets for the India vs Bangladesh World Cup 2023 Match

Obtaining a ticket to the 2023 World Cup match between India and Bangladesh is a fantasy for many cricket enthusiasts. Therefore, it is essential for enthusiasts to comprehend ticket availability and the purchasing procedure.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 - Ticket Booking Instructions

Step No.Instruction
1Open and select the WC 2023 Link.
2Choose the Ticket Link and proceed.
3Pick the desired Stadium for the Match.
4Select the Stand and Number of Tickets.
5Pick your seats and finalize your choice.
6Pay online using UPI, Net Banking, Debit Card, or Credit Card.
7Download and save the ticket to your device.

Overview of ticket availability and purchasing process

The ODI World Cup 2023, which will be held at the renowned Eden Gardens, has ticket pricing that have been released by the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). The rates are anticipated to be in a similar level for the India vs. Bangladesh game, which is scheduled to take place at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Gahunje.

The official ICC website and app, as well as authorised ticketing partners like PayTM and BookMyShow, are where most tickets are sold online. At the stadium box offices, a limited quantity of seats are also on sale.

Tips and best practices for purchasing tickets

Be proactive while purchasing a ticket. Tickets for such popular events are likely to sell out immediately. Follow these suggestions to increase your chances of getting a ticket:

  • Regularly monitor official platforms: For ticket announcements, keep a watch on the official ICC website and app, as well as licenced ticketing partners.
  • Be prepared when tickets go on sale: Once the sale begins, tickets may sell out immediately. Therefore, it is advisable to be online and prepared when tickets go on sale.
  • Select safe payment methods: Always use secure payment methods when making purchases online. Check the website's URL for "https://" to verify the site is secure.

The role of official and unofficial ticket sellers

Although the majority of tickets are sold through authorised methods, this is not always the case. When legitimate channels are sold out, they can provide possibilities to get tickets, but care is urged. Unauthorised vendors may overcharge, or even worse, the tickets can be fake.

Discussing potential issues and how to avoid scams

The strong demand for World Cup tickets raises the possibility of frauds or fraudulent tickets. Here are a few pointers to help you prevent similar problems:

  • Only purchase from authorised platforms: Avoid purchasing from third-party vendors unless they are ICC-verified associates. Not only may unofficial sellers charge higher prices, but there is also the possibility of purchasing fraudulent tickets.
  • Be wary of deals that are too excellent to be true: Scammers lure consumers with deeply reduced tickets. A nice deal is probably a scam.
  • Do not disclose confidential information: Never reveal personal or financial information unless you are certain of the platform's security and authenticity.

What to Expect at the Match

You'll be ready to see the excitement of the India vs. Bangladesh game after you've obtained your tickets. Let me give you a preview of what will be happening there.

Information about the venue: facilities, rules, and tips

The Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium at Gahunje, Pune, is well-known for its first-rate amenities. With a seating capacity of 37,406, it provides a spectacular view of the game from every angle. Food and beverages are sold on the stadium grounds. However, before you go, make sure to read the venue's guidelines. Certain things, such as political or racial flags, as well as bottles, cans, or pyrotechnics, are not authorised.

Atmosphere and fan culture: what to expect as an attendee

At every India vs. Bangladesh match, the atmosphere is electric. In the stadia, there will be a multitude of blue (Indian supporters) and green (Bangladeshi supporters). Every time a boundary is scored or a wicket is taken, the clamour of the audience will give you chills. Prepare for a cricket funfair filled with impassioned applause, genial banter and unrivalled enthusiasm for the sport.

Exploring potential match scenarios: an expert's view

Even though cricket is an unpredictable sport, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both sides can help predict possible match outcomes. India is a difficult team to defeat because of its strong batting lineup and effective bowlers. However, Bangladesh has the capacity to surprise with their organised bowling attack and dependable batters. In other words, be prepared for an exciting experience full with heart-pounding moments.

Beyond the Match: Exploring the Host City

A World Cup journey isn't complete unless you see the host city. Pune, the city hosting the India vs. Bangladesh match, has a rich cultural past and a variety of tourism attractions.

Introduction to the host city: culture, food, and attractions

Pune, the "Oxford of the East," is a busy city where tradition and modernity coexist. From the Maharashtrian thali to worldwide food, the city is known for its variety.

Top sights to see before/after the match

While in Pune, you may go to attractions like the Shaniwar Wada, a 17th-century fort that symbolises the city's rich past, or the Aga Khan Palace, a historical site renowned for its exquisite architecture. The Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and the Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden provide peaceful retreats from the bustle of the city for nature enthusiasts.

Experiencing local culture: food, arts, and events

Experience Pune's culture via its food, arts, and events. Misal Pav, Bhel Puri, and Vada Pav are Pune's street foods. Pune hosts the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival, Pune International Film Festival, and Osho Festival throughout the year.

Practicalities: local transport, accommodation options

With a variety of modes of transportation available, Pune is relatively easy to navigate. For local travel, auto-rickshaws, buses, and app-based transportation services such as Uber and Ola are frequently used. Pune provides a range of accommodation options to accommodate a variety of budgets, from five-star hotels to guesthouses and hostels.


Obtaining tickets to see the enthralling World Cup 2023 match between India and Bangladesh live is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can make sure that your travel to the game is easy and pleasurable by doing your research and paying attention to details. Keep yourself safe, follow the regulations, and enjoy the carnival's lively atmosphere. Don't pass up the chance to discover Pune's distinctive culture and attractions while you're there. Enjoy the game and Pune's dynamic city! You might wish to look into other things to engage in inside Pune once the thrill of the World Cup cricket match starts to wear off. So let's explore the city's attractions a bit more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the ICC World Cup 2023 Ticket Price? The ticket price ranges from ₹500 to ₹25,000.

  2. Where can I book tickets for the ICC World Cup 2023? You can book tickets on, PayTM Insider App, or the BookMyShow App.

  3. How much is the ticket for the India Vs Pakistan match at Ahmedabad Stadium? The ticket price for this match varies between ₹10,000 and ₹50,000, depending on availability.

  4. When will the ICC WC 2023 ticket sales start? The ticket sales will commence on 10th August 2023.

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