Gujarat Giants Win by 11 Runs Against Royal Challengers Bangalore: Recap and Player Performances

author - Shubhamoy Majumder

Read the detailed recap of the thrilling encounter between Gujarat Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore, where Giants clinched a win by 11 runs. Get insights into player performances and key moments of the match.

Gujarat Giants Win by 11 Runs Against Royal Challengers Bangalore: Recap and Player Performances

Gujarat Giants prevailed against Royal Challengers Bangalore in a tense encounter by a score of 11 runs to take the victory. Even though Bangalore's Sophie Devine scored a half-century, the squad was unable to achieve the goal total of 202 despite her efforts. Although Sneh Rana did an excellent job guiding the Bangalore team, she was unable to bowl to her full capacity due to an injury, and Heather Knight's cameo effort was not enough to save the match for Bangalore. The analysis that follows is an all-encompassing look at the game.

21:28RCB-W 9/01
21:33RCB 20/02
21:37RCB-W 33/03
21:44RCB-W 54/05
21:48RCB-W 59/16
21:51RCB-W 62/17
22:00RCB-W 74/19
22:11RCB-W 88/111
12 OversRCB-W 97/212
22:22RCB-W 117/214
22:25RCB-W 125/215
22:28RCB-W 125/215
22:35RCB 135/316
22:48RCB-W 169/418

First Innings

The Gujarat Giants came out on top in the coin toss, giving them the opportunity to go up to the batting order first. They got off to a good start, with the opening pair of Garth and Wyatt hitting 57 runs in the first five overs of the game. This allowed them to have a head start on the competition. Once Wyatt was taken out of the game, Taylor, the captain of the team, came up to the plate and knocked in 25 runs off of only 13 balls, including two sixes. Garth had a good inning, scoring 42 runs while facing 32 balls. The total number of balls he faced was 32. Later on, Sciver and Rodrigues both played some lightning-fast knocks, resulting in a combined total of 24 and 19, respectively, runs scored by the team. In spite of losing five wickets throughout the process, the Gujarat Giants were still able to accumulate 201 runs on the scoreboard.

Second Innings

In the second innings, the opening batters for Bangalore, Devine and Mandhana, got off to a strong start and scored 33 runs in the first three overs of the game. This allowed Bangalore to have a head start on the competition. Nevertheless, in the fifth over, Gardner got the key breakthrough by removing Mandhana from the game. This effectively ended the innings. In spite of the fact that she was ill, Rana, who came in next, played a vital inning and scored 20 runs despite the fact that she was in the middle of the game. During the whole of the match, Devine maintained control of one end and hit a superb fifty off 36 balls. Despite this, Sutherland was able to get rid of her in the 17th over, which was a major setback for Bangalore's attempt to score runs.

Heather Knight had a cameo inning in which she scored 23 runs off of 12 balls, however despite her efforts, Bangalore was unable to cross the finish line first. Since the bowlers for the Giants did such a good job of keeping the pressure on the batsmen for Bangalore, Bangalore was only able to score 190 runs while losing four wickets. As a consequence of this, 11 runs were subtracted from the score that was intended to be achieved.

Player Performances

The Gujarat Giants were led by Garth, who had the highest score, with 42 runs off of 32 balls. He had the most points overall. Sutherland was the most effective of the bowlers since she only gave up 25 runs over the course of her four overs while picking up two wickets. Both Sciver and Rodrigues made important contributions to the accomplishments of the squad by scoring a total of 19 and 24 runs, respectively.

Since he was the only player on the Royal Challengers Bangalore team to hit a spectacular fifty off of just thirty-six balls, Devine emerged as the team's most valuable contributor. Although having an illness, Rana still managed to score 20 runs, which was a crucial contribution to the team's victory. Even though Knight got 23 runs in his cameo innings off of 12 balls, it was not enough to take Bangalore over the finish line.

The Match's Most Memorable Moments

The match had a number of pivotal moments, each of which played a significant role in determining the winner. The following are some of the most notable aspects:

  1. The Wicket-Taking Streak of Ashleigh Gardner She had a significant role in the Giants scooping up important wickets, as she was responsible for the dismissal of Smriti Mandhana and Richa Ghosh, which disrupted Bangalore's innings.

  2. Sophie Devine's Half-Century: While Devine's aggressive half-century gave Bangalore optimism in their pursuit, her departure turned out to be a pivotal point in the match.

  3. Leadership Shown by Sneh Rana In spite of the fact that he was injured, Sneh Rana displayed outstanding leadership for Bangalore. The all-rounder played an important part in limiting the runs scored by the Giants' batting lineup.

  4. Meg Lanning's Innings: The Giants were able to record a score that was competitive because to Meg Lanning's innings, and the Australian batswoman scored the most runs for her side.

  5. Ellyse Perry's Bowling Performance: Perry's economical stint and important wicket of Devine proved to be essential in enabling the Giants earn a victory. Devine was the only batter who scored for the Giants.


Seeing the two teams compete against one another was, in overall, a really fun and thrilling thing to do. While the batters from Bangalore gave it their best shot, their team's total score was not even close to being able to compete with that of Gujarat Giants. They laboured hard, but were not successful in doing what they set out to do. The bowlers for Gujarat Giants did an outstanding job of keeping the pressure on the batsmen for Bangalore, and as a consequence, Gujarat Giants were the victors of the match that they really deserved to take home.

Date: March 8, 2023 Venue: Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad The Gujarat Giants were victorious in the coin toss and made the decision to bat first. The final score was Gujarat Giants victorious by 11 runs.

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